Action On Hearing Loss Survey

15 December 2015

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland are currently conducting a survey with people who use NHS hearing aids about the types of information and support they have received from NHS audiology and other hearing support services.

Like us, they believe that children/young adults, in every community, should be able to easily and conveniently access the full range of person-centred information and support needed to manage hearing loss in their everyday life. Through their survey, they want to find out about which parts of services are working well and where there may be room for improvement. They are also interested in finding out about the extent to which the levels of information and support varies for people living in different parts of Scotland.

We are delighted to promote this survey to deaf children and their parents/guardians in the west of Scotland. The survey can be completed online at and paper copies and/or alternate formats such as, large print or British Sign Language, can be requested by emailing or calling telephone: 0141 341 5330.

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