New BSL (Scotland) Act YNAG Facebook Group

23 May 2016

There is now a closed Facebook group established - BSL (Scotland) Act 2015 YNAG - for deaf young people aged 10 to 18 years old - it is a place where deaf young people can share their ideas, feelings, views with other peers and also to support the three representatives of the Youth National Advisory Group (YNAG). Please pass this information on to let any deaf young people know about this group - we want to ensure that there are as many deaf young people aged 10 to 18 years old as possible involved with the YNAG: their future is so important!
A young person should be 13 years old to have a Facebook profile; so if that is the case with any deaf young people that wish to participate then please do let Alison Hendry know and she will arrange for alternative access to information for these deaf young people.

If there are any problems or questions please get in touch with Alison Hendry, Youth Participation Officer, Deaf Action by email at or Mobile (SMS only) 07891 173627 or by Skype: AlisonHendry16.

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