Lauren Kay and the Titan Crane Fundraiser

31 May 2017

Our extremely brave fundraiser Lauren, completed the Titan Crane Abseil on Saturday 27th May and shares the following with us: "I am extremely relieved to have my feet back on solid ground! Although I was very proud of everything that has came from it, it was also one of the most terrifying experiences I've ever taken part in!" - log onto our Facebook page to see her video!!!
So far, Lauren has raised just over £800 (not including any Gift Aid donations) so hopefully each of the two charities (WSDCS & Epilepsy Scotland) will receive at least £400 each.
Congratulations Lauren on an amazing feat! We are in awe! And offer our sincere thanks on behalf of all the children, young people and their families at WSDCS.
Don't forget,you can still support Lauren as sponsorship will remain open until the week before the Sports Day in Paisley. Lauren hopes to join us there and we look forward to getting the opportunity to thank her in person.

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